Dead serious

I’m not really one to talk myself up. Maybe anything you read here is going to go right through your brain and you’ll never think of it again. Maybe it’ll stick with you for a night or a week or a month.

But I do need to warn you. Some of the things I’m writing about are real things. Maybe you’ve heard these stories or something like them. There’s one in particular you’ll think sounds familiar. However there are beliefs in certain areas of the world that reading about, thinking about, writing about, talking about, etc. this thing will call it to you.

It won’t come the same way you’ll think it’s supposed to. I just wanted to warn you away from it. (You’ll see the warning in the title.)

As you can tell, I’m being super-vague because I don’t want this thing around me either. I take steps to avoid it and its effects. I don’t want myself or those I love to end up like so many others.

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