The Dance

The children were in bed, carefully watched over by the slightly older children of the town. It was certainly not a big town. Every adult of age, every single one, had made their way to the dance hall on main street. There were snacks provided by the women of the town. Beer, liquor, and wine […]

I hate you, John

Depending on how much time you’ve spent with me you might think I’m a perfectly normal person or I have the strangest existence you’ve ever heard of. I don’t think it was ever going to be a smooth ride. That’s ok. I spent hours of my youth in isolation. I grew up in a small […]

áarudaahga: a warning

You needed to have patience to visit him. Jacob moves slowly. He refused to use his cane. I reached out toward him and he handed me a hot cup of coffee. He lived alone in a house that seemed just right for him, though it did seem lonely. Near the edge of town his one […]

Happy New Fear

How is it that you’re so lonely while the rest of the world has someone? You deserve someone to be with too. I can be there for you. I… I don’t know. My family… Your family is gone. They went out to party and drink and laugh and fuck. It’s just you and I here. […]


“Come on Grandma. Smile.” Wincing in the light, Gertrud thought for a moment, trying to find the proper English words for her grandson. “It’s bright out here,” she said through her soft accent. “I know Grandma. But you look very pretty today.” Gertrud smiled as best she could in the bright light of the afternoon […]

Jesus Camp

“Do you know how to pray?” I do. I’ve seen it multiple times a week at church and at the dinner table at home. Several times a day I would pray on my own for God to save my immortal soul from burning in Hell for the rest of eternity because of a minor infraction […]

Dead serious

I’m not really one to talk myself up. Maybe anything you read here is going to go right through your brain and you’ll never think of it again. Maybe it’ll stick with you for a night or a week or a month. But I do need to warn you. Some of the things I’m writing […]